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Media for NewS Jpop group


Newsplanet is a sharing and archiving community for NEWS' media audio, video and scans.

The name is from the song "Let's Go to The Planet", so Newsplanet it is.

We created this community for our personal archiving NEWS' files. From first time they were formed until the recent NEWS. But then we think we should share it to others too. We don't promise about good quality of the videos but we try to complete it.

Help for better quality & mirror links are very much welcomed


· All post must be members' locked

· We moderate this community. so all posts are going to be selected.

· Refrain from posting the same video or audio. please check the master post first.

· All media must be uploaded to free server like, megaupload, mediafire, etc.

· No fake cut. because we want to archive the media in this community

· Not hotlink photos. 

· Share only your links, don't steal other people links.

· When sharing subbed files, please be sure you can re-distribute them and ask permission when needed. Respect subber rules/wishes.

· When doing mirrors for files already on the community, please leave a comment with the links as ask the original uploader to add them to the post [or use the pm system]. Don't make a new post with them.



If you want to be an affiliate leave a comment here

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